World peace

I would like to find a way to have a peaceful world, like anyone, with all the great ideals spelled out by so many great political thinkers (I’m particularly keen on getting everyone a good education). But for now it seems the world has to be at war due to a few basic, rather unscrupulous, rules:

  1. a human’s or a people’s first and foremost need is security and safety from threats
  2. a threat warrants spending lavishly on national security, and it may even warrant a war - in other words: war stimulates the economy, because the peoples tax money is poured in the military industry
  3. the financial world also likes war because it creates debt, from which they can earn interest
  4. as long as the threat is from a foreign enemy it will not backfire on the government itself
  5. if you create the threat, you have a chance of controlling it

#3 & #4 benefit the entire population (financiers, business, consumers) so they form such strong motives to support some form of war that real world-peace is a rather far-fetched idea. Rather, peace can only exist in the form of a feeling of security for some people - those that wage war against some perceived enemy. Also, because of #5 it seems not surprising that the USA has trained and funded people like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, the latter of which has not been caught, perhaps on purpose to prolong the threat.

I’m sure this reasoning is as old as Plato or older (Lao Tze ?). If anyone has the proper reference, please comment. Also, if my reasoning is flawed, I’d like to hear from you.

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