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PostPosted: Feb 13 2003 15:46    Post subject: LaserWeb

Created by Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch (troikaranch.org), the LaserWeb is a device that senses the breaking of beams of light. Up to eight laser pointers are mounted so that their beams travel across the stage or from the ceiling to the floor. Each beam is focused on a small box, placed some distance away, containing a light sensitive sensor. All of these receivers are connected to a small box containing a computer, which generates a digital MIDI message when one of the beams is interrupted. This MIDI message indicates both which beam was interrupted, and the velocity with which it was broken.

You can imagine the LaserWeb as a giant harp whose strings travel across the stage. When a performer breaks a beam, it is like plucking one of the strings. Except that this instrument is not limited to producing music, but can instead (in conjunction with a suitable software program) control a variety of media devices that produce eg. visual or kinetic effects.

For more information, go to the LaserWeb web page.
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