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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 15:38    Post subject: MidiDancer

Created by Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch (troikaranch.org), MidiDancer is a wireless movement sensing system worn on the body of a dancer or other performer. It uses sensors to measure the flexion of up to eight joints on the dancer's body and then transmits the flexion of each of those joints to a computer off stage. Once interpreted by software running on the computer, the information can be used to control a variety of media including digital video or audio files, theatrical lighting, robotic set pieces.

The reason for creating the device came out of a desire to expand the vocabulary of dancers by allowing them to control visual and sonic elements that were not typically under their control during a performance. In so doing, the aim was to enrich the theatrical world in which the dancer performed with a direct link between movement and media.

For more information, go to the MidiDancer web page.
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