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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 15:37    Post subject: Big Eye

BigEye is a computer program for converting realtime video information into MIDI, ie. digital messages for musical instruments. It can be used in dance performances to trigger and/or control musical events. Hence, instead of dancing to the music, a dancer may be performing (aspects of) the music !

The program can be configured to extract objects of interest from the video input, based on color, brightness and size. These objects are tracked (up to 16 simultaneously) and their position is checked against a user-defined series of 'hot zones'. These 'hot zones' are drawn by the user and are grouped in 'screens'.

Objects and 'hot zones' interact in three distinct ways: a zone sees a new object, a zone sees an old object moving, and a zone sees an object disappear. Each of these three 'events' can generate MIDI or cause internal program parameters to change. A simple example: the new event causes a sound to be turned on, a move event causes a the pitch to be changed of the sound and a disappear event causes the sound to be turned off.

BigEye was developed at STEIM in the Netherlands. For more information, go to the BigEye web page.
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