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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 14:40    Post subject: Digital Dance System

The DIEM Digital Dance System is a hardware interface designed especially for interactive dance. The system measures the angles of various limbs on a dancer's body and converts this data to standard MIDI (ie. digital messages for musical instruments) controller values. Thus, an instrumentalist's elbows and wrists might be used to control a sound effects processor or sound sampler. Or an actor on stage might control stage lighting with his fingers or knees.

For example, in Wayne Siegel's composition: 'Movement Study' a solo dancer's fingers, elbows, knees and ankles control the volume and timbre of eight independent musical voices as well as activity levels of computer-generated melodies and rhythms. In his 'Sisters' for two dancers and computer, two dancers control sounds being generated in real time by the computer using digital signal processing software.

The Digital Dance System was developed by Jens Jacobsen and Wayne Siegel at DIEM in Denmark. For more information, go to the Digital Dance web page.
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