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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 14:38    Post subject: Litefoot

The Litefoot project aims to develop an "intelligent" dance floor that will allow a dancers steps to be tracked, stored, and represented in such a way as to facilitate a novel performance environment, a wired developmental play space for children and a therapeutic context for people with limited mobility. The LifeFoot prototype is a floor space, almost two by two meters square and about 10 centimetres high, filled with a matrix of optical proximity sensors. When a person (or an object) is on this area, the location of the contact points on the surface is detected. The weight, or impact force, of whatever is put on the floor is also monitored, and any event happening on the floor is sent to a computer connected to the LiteFoot floor. On the computer, the events can be processed in a number of ways and used to trigger and/or control a variety of media (sound, visuals, robotic motion, etc.).

LiteFoot was developed by a team of researchers at the university of Limerick in Ireland. For more information, go to the LiteFoot web page.
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