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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 14:37    Post subject: Iamascope

The Iamascope is an interactive kaleidoscope. It combines computer video, graphics, vision, and audio technology to create sound and imagery in an aesthetically uplifting interactive device. In the installation, you take the place of the colourful pieces of floating glass inside a kaleidoscope, and simultaneously view a kaleidoscopic image of yourself on a huge screen in real time. Your body movements also directly control music in a beautiful dance of symmetry with the image. You engage physically, verbally and visually with the Iamascope. This is a whole body, sensory interaction. The kaleidoscopic image is reminiscent of stained glass cathedral windows, and the accompanying prism of chordal sound is reminiscent of a tonal organ fugue. The total effect on your senses is majestic because of the scale of the images and the breadth of the choral sound, and the delight at being able to manipulate these two components, with oneself as the subject.

The Iamascope was developed by Sidney Fels at the ATR MIC lab in Japan. For more information, go to the Iamascope web page.
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