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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 14:35    Post subject: I-CubeX

The I-CubeX is a sensor toolkit consisting of a (wireless) digitizer that translates sensor signals to digital MIDI messages (such as used for sound synthesis). The kit includes software for configuring the digitizer as well as plug-ins for 3rd party software.

The I-CubeX is used by dancers to control sounds, videos and/or lights directly with their movements, by visual artists to create interactive installations (eg. rooms or sculptures that respond to the actions of visitors by varying the sounds played or changing the lighting or playing different videos), by musicians to extend their musical instruments with new playing capabilities, etc. etc.

The I-CubeX was developed by Axel Mulder's team at Infusion Systems in Canada. Infusion's Cube Culture section has more information on how it's being used ! Two examples of the I-CubeX used for dance are i-Rave and the Interactive Dance Club.
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