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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 14:32    Post subject: iDance

The iDance interface aims to be a teaching tool for various dance forms using 3D animation. In the example 6 dance figures were captured using motion capture technology. This kind of technology uses video cameras that track visual markers attached to the dancers' bodies. The markers' positions are calculated so that the entire movement can be reconstructed using graphical animation. The 3D animation allows viewing from various angles as well as zooming, making it easier to understand and learn the dance figure.
Click here to interact with the interface. After installing the Pulse3D player and loading the interface, click one of the numbers, then use the arrow keys to change viewpoint and the home/end keys to zoom in/out.
iDance was developed by Axel Mulder's team at Infusion Systems in Canada. For licensing or other information contact XSpasm.
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