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PostPosted: Feb 03 2003 14:32    Post subject: Mandala GX

The Mandala Gesture Extreme system places the participant's real-time video image into a virtual world. A motion-sensitive video camera captures the players image and processes relevant information such as height, arm-span, etc. to the software. The user's body in turn is monitored by the software and used as the interface to control the virtual environment they occupy - the participant watches their mirror image on a large video monitor, moving within the virtual world as they move in front of the camera. As the user moves in front of the camera, their live, on-screen image is able to trigger a variety of audio, video and other effects when their virtual body connects with elements that activate these responses. Various game and sports applications have been designed using the mandala system.

Mandala was developed by Vincent John Vincent in Canada. For more information, go to the Mandala website.
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