4 - 6 May 2007


Ghent, Belgium

DANSCAMDANSE is an international film festival focusing on the interaction between dance and visual media: the different ways dance is a formal subject of film, or a source of inspiration. The festival aims to be the voice of a continuously growing number of interested choreographers and visual artists—a focused opportunity for exposing new dancefilms creations and a platform for reflection on these themes.

DANSCAMDANSE festival deals with the special relationship between dance and the moving image, between the physical aspect of dance and the pure quality of projected light. This relationship can flourish from both directions—in one way as a presentation of mainly choreographic works recorded/produced for the camera or, on the other hand, as an interpretation of dance, translated into a film.

The festival is a chance to join cross borders between dance and film, creating a stage for different ideas, visions to reach one another.

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