Camera & telematic performance workshop

Camera & telematic performance workshop

1 6 May 2006

Performance Space, Theatre & Studio

University of New South Wales

Sydney, Australia

TIMES: 10am 6pm each day,
PUBLIC LECTURE: 3 May 5.30pm,
IN-HOUSE SHOWING: Saturday 6 May ( 5 - 7 pm).

For 6 days, Johannes Birringer will guide an intensive live art exploration of interactive interfaces and physical presence. Participants will explore new space-time relations, using the body, camera capture, camera tracking, real time processing software, performing with sensors and programming with Isadora and MAX/MSP/JITTER.
Performance Space has enrolled an interdisciplinary group of 18 artists. Participants inlcude writers, visual artists, choreographers, programmers, dancers, lighting designers, performance artists, sound artists and video makers.

This project is a follow-up event to e-Performance and Plug-ins: A Mediatised Performance Conference (01 and 02 December 2005, Coordinator Yuji Sone).

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