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Expanding XSpasm

XSpasm is ready for your input ! You can post your dance videos for display in the Dance section, post comments about a dance figure, enter a message in one of the Culture discussion forums, add a product for the Tech section or simply send us an email with suggestions.

For posting your videos note that you need to be registered and logged in. Only the following file formats are supported:

AVI (.avi), MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 (.mpg or .mpeg), QuickTime (.mov), Macromedia Flash (.swf), Real Media (.rm), Windows Media (.wmv).

We require a minimum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Complementary texts can be at most 2000 bytes long.

If you like to promote your own website or products please include a link to your website instead of inserting promotional images in the video material. We will review your material for its quality and for the clarity of the figure or move and compress your videos for display in the Dance or Tech section. The file you upload can be larger than the diskspace available to you, as long as it fits in your diskspace after it has been compressed.

Your video material can document any kind of dancing but if it's possible to focus on any specific dance figure we think it will make the collection more easy to browse, search and navigate. Hence we suggest to shoot each figure with a leading and trailing 'basic' figure (if such a move is available in your dance style). Such a video clip can be more clearly identified with a name as well as linked to similar figures posted by yourself or others.

To make your figure more easily understood by others consider shooting it from various angles or zoom levels. You may want to shoot footwork close-up. Slow-motion or counting are other ways to further clarify the mechanics of your figure. When shooting your video make sure the sound is properly audible (avoid using a microphone if possible but connect your sound source directly) and that your body (including feet) is clearly distinguishable from the background. You may want to experiment a bit with the lighting conditions. A simple rule of thumb is to light your set too bright (to the human eye), then it will look well-lit on the video. Shoot against a non-reflective, lightly and evenly colored background and floor. If shooting in a club it's absolutely necessary to use extra lighting. It is advisable to wear clothing that is colored (ie. not black or white) and different between dancers as well as to wear differently colored top and pants. Shoes should have a different color than the floor. Shoot as close as possible keeping the entire body including feet and hands in view.

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